Sami Callihan Vs. John Morrison
2CW All Or Nothing - August 3rd, 2012

John Morrison’s talents in the ring transcend companies. He didn’t just get lucky being paired against certain opponents, he could actually work a match with anybody who had the right ring psychology. Then again, it’s hard to work a bad match when you’re wrestling Sami Callihan. For an independent worker, Sami has been consistently well for years now. At least, the short time that I’ve been following him since my friend Pam told me about him.

This match was obviously a crowd pleaser, whether the fans were into Morrison for his WWE work or for Sami for his dedication to the indies. It’s great that Sami Callihan is finally getting a shot in the WWE, and I hope that he has the kind of success he deserves. The WWE has finally started to grab the kind of talent they’ve needed for years. Essentially, independent wrestling is taking over the WWE, and nobody’s complaining about that!

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