The Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club

After the WWF had defeated the Alliance, effectively ending their “invasion”, Vince McMahon offered former WWF Commissioner William Regal his job back if he were willing to do one thing - kiss the chairman’s ass on live TV. The end result was one of the funniest, yet most degrading segments on television, and Regal complied, becoming the first member of the club.

The following week, McMahon attempted to get Stone Cold Steve Austin to join the club, who refused and then kicked his ass. When McMahon noticed commentator Jim Ross laughing at ringside, he ordered him into the ring and demanded that he join the club instead. When J.R. refused, the Undertaker came down to the ring and helped McMahon force Ross to join the club against his will.

It would be a little over 4 years later that the Kiss My Ass Club was shown on TV again but low and behold, it reared its ugly head once more (yes, pun intended). McMahon was involved in a feud with Shawn Michaels, so he brought out Michaels’ former partner, Marty Jannetty, to join the club. When Michaels came out to make the save, Shane McMahon attacked Shawn with a chair and forced him to join the club by pushing his face against McMahon’s ass. A little over a month later, in a match at WrestleMania 22, Shane attempted to make Shawn rejoin the club, to which Shawn responded by attacking Shane and shoving his face onto McMahon’s ass.

A few short months later, McMahon was at it again, only this time, his target was former WWE Diva Melina. After helping her on-screen buddy Mick Foley win a match against Ric Flair, McMahon was set to fire Melina if Mick didn’t kiss his ass. Mick complied, then shortly after, Melina low-blowed Foley and joined McMahon in firing the future Hall Of Fame’r.

In late 2007, McMahon was revealed to have an illegitimate son: Hornswoggle! After months of torturing the small superstar, McMahon demanded that Hornswoggle kiss his ass to show that he was loyal to the McMahon family. Hornswoggle almost complied until he decided that biting McMahon on the ass would be a better idea. However, McMahon later stated that, since Hornswoggle’s lips had made contact, he had still officially joined the club.

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