Mistico vs Black Warrior (Mask vs Mask) - 9-29... by Co1d

Mask Vs. Mask: Mistico Vs. Black Warrior
CMLL 73rd Anniversary Show - September 29th, 2006

Holy fucking shit, everyone in that arena was so hype for this match. In 2006, there was no superstar in Mexico that was more popular than Mistico. He was essentially the Hispanic John Cena (and no, I don’t mean Juan Cena). When Mistico teamed with Black Warrior to chase the CMLL World Tag Team Championships and came up short on two separate occasions, Black Warrior turned on Mistico and attempted to unmask him. He was unsuccessful, but did manage to rip part of Mistico’s mask off.

Black Warrior left CMLL for a few months to travel in Japan, during which time Mistico won the CMLL World Tag Team Championships with Negro Casas. Once Black Warrior returned, the feud between he and Mistico reignited, which resulted in Black Warrior defeating Mistico for the NWA Middleweight Championship in Mistico’s first ever defeat. Mistico swore revenge, and faced off against Black Warrior at the CMLL 73rd Anniversary Show with both luchadors’ masks on the line.

This is also only the first part of this match. To see part 2, click here.

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