The wedding of Al Wilson and Dawn Marie

WWE SmackDown - January 2nd, 2003

"Look at Dawn!" "Look at Al!"

What an unbelievably awkward storyline, but one that actually kept people interested and watching. As Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie feuded, Torrie’s real-life father Al visited Torrie at SmackDown. Dawn introduced herself, then it was later revealed that the two had begun a relationship. Of course, this infuriated Torrie, who attacked Dawn several times.

Al Wilson was such a hilarious character. The second he got the mic, he would start every promo with “Alright now, listen up.” Tazz and Cole couldn’t stop laughing every time this happened.

Torrie and Dawn continued their feud for over 9 months, during the course of which Dawn married (kayfabe) on an episode of SmackDown. Afterward, Al and Dawn were shown in their hotel room with Al being unresponsive. It was later explained that Al Wilson passed away (again, kayfabe) from a heart attack stemming from the amount of sex that the two had on their honeymoon.

To my knowledge, this is the first time a character actually died as part of a storyline. Afterward, Dawn and Torrie had a match at the Royal Rumble, billed as the first ever “Stepmother Vs. Stepfather” match. It’s kind of odd to me that the only way to gain retribution for her father’s death is to challenge Dawn to a match, but you know, whatever. Wrestling.

Later, it was revealed in WWE Magazine that Al Wilson was alive and well, and had staged the “stunt” to get away from Dawn Wilson who had apparently married him for money. Whoops.

Too bad Wrestlers Rescue didn’t exist when Al died, DAWN.

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